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General conditions

The STATOR project may accept as interns :

  • Masters students, e.g. "Research masters" (French M2R).
  • Graduate students pursuing PhDs in other groups.
  • Highly performant undergraduate students.

Internships may range from engineering (e.g. implementing new front-ends or GUIs) to research.


Applications should be directed to Dr David Monniaux, principal investigator of the project.

The application should include:

  • A clear explanation of the context of the internship (for which diploma pursued at which university; possibly, the name of the academic who suggested the STATOR project).
  • A CV. Please note that the usual CVs meant for corporate hiring processes may be insufficient; see below.
  • Motivations articulated according to the goals of the STATOR project (generic motivations, which could apply to any research or engineering area, are insufficient).


Most students applying for internships send CV or resumés meant for corporate recruiters. Typically, they are short (2 pages), include very little details as to the topics that have been studies, and list the hobbies or extracurricular activities of the applicant. Such CVs are inadequate for academic pursuits.

Scientific research has prerequisites; for instance, research on satisfiability modulo theory presupposes knowledge on mathematical logic, linear programming (including convex duality properties), and efficient implementation techniques. Some of such knowledge may be acquired during the internship, but, given the short duration of typical internships, it is desirable that as much as possible has already been learned through preceding classes.

Thus, we expect that the CV contain a list of subjects studied in the university. Please be specific as to the content of classes: an identification number such as INF423 tells us nothing, "algorithmics" is a very broad term; "algorithmics (sorting, dynamic programming, graph traversals)" is much more specific and informative.

If you have done other internships, please list them, including the name of the company or research group, the name of the supervisor and the topic. If you have written a report (or, perhaps, a scientific article), please attach it.