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General conditions

The STATOR project may accept as interns :

  • Masters students, e.g. "Research masters" (French M2R).
  • Graduate students pursuing PhDs in other groups.
  • Highly performant undergraduate students.

Internships may range from engineering (e.g. implementing new front-ends or GUIs) to research.


Applications should be directed to Dr David Monniaux, principal investigator of the project.

The application should include:

  • A clear explanation of the context of the internship (for which diploma pursued at which university; possibly, the name of the academic who suggested the STATOR project).
  • A CV. Please note that the usual CVs meant for corporate hiring processes may be insufficient; see below.
  • Motivations articulated according to the goals of the STATOR project (generic motivations, which could apply to any research or engineering area, are insufficient).