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Verification WG -Grenoble/Lyon

  • The reading group is open to anyone interested in program verification in Lip and Verimag.
  • Each week, on Tuesday, at 2pm, a student explains a paper (or a bench of papers) in less that 30 min. This should not last more than an hour, including visioconferences problem
  • Tuesday, Jan 31 2017 : Julien Braine, SAS13 on horn clauses and array abstractions : <a href="">paper</a>, <a href="julien_2017_01.pdf">slides</a>
  • Tuesday, Feb 7, 2017 : Rémy xx, on interprocedural polyhedral invariant generation : cite papers ? <a href="remi_2017_02.pdf">slides</a>
  • Tuesday, Feb 7, 2017 : Laure Gonnord, on termination of sequential programs <a href="">paper (PLDI15)</a>, <a href="laure_2017_03.pdf">slides</a>. Lyon : Salle du Conseil. Verimag : TBD.